MealGuide by Nutrify

Nutrify is an initiative to help people all around the world live a happier and healthier life by eating better.

Our aim is to bring good, personalised nutrition to every household as a means to empower and make our global community fitter.
We want to guide people into making mindful, healthier food choices and remove the stigma around hard-to-follow diets with the help of our revolutionary app MealGuide.

So, come join us as we make this world a healthier place, one meal at a time!


A comprehensive, pocket nutritionist.

MealGuide is a weekly meal planning solution to make dieting easy. Be sure to hit your required daily calories with hundreds of delicious recipes and weekly meal plans.


Personalised meal plans.

Tell us about your lifestyle and health goals and leave the diet planning to us. Receive a new, personalised meal plan every Sunday based on your needs.


Variety of Diet Plans.

Want to follow a specific diet? We’ve got something for everyone! Answer a small quiz and receive a diet plan that resonates with your nutritional requirements.


On-the-go Shopping List.

Move recipe ingredients to the shopping list and stack your pantry in advance to have a stress free dieting week. Set expiration reminders and ensure minimal waste.


Detailed Nutrition Facts.

Get to know the calorie and macro breakdown of every recipe that you consume. Know your food and the process before you eat it.